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April 1, 2013
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I don't understand your personality,
You're rude, disrespecful and nasty,
Maybe you're looking for sympathy?
But you won't find any here with me.

You walk around like you own the place,
A permanent smirk strapped upon your face,
You think that God has given you grace,
But it's disappeared from you without a trace.

You can tease, mock and taunt me,
You can push, prod and hurt me,
But Jesus Christ loves me for me,
Because this is who I'm meant to be.

I can tell your friends are bad for you,
You seem to just do what they tell you to,
I know these things are fresh and new,
But is this what God would want from you?

No matter what you say to me,
No matter who you try to be,
God will always know because he can see,
And with Him lies your destiny.

You can tease, mock and taunt me,
You can push, prod and hurt me,
But The Lord loves me for me,
Because this is who I'm meant to be.

I won't make an apology,
Because of how God's made me,
I'm more than happy to be me,
Because his love is what sets me free.

I'm proud of the person I've become,
I fought all my demons and finally won,
You are no different to anyone,
The things you do have already been done.

You can tease, mock and taunt me,
You can push, prod and hurt me,
But God loves me for me,
Because this is who I'm meant to be.

By Liezyl Steyn
This is just a vent poem that I needed to write to help get some things off my chest.

Ever since I was little and was at school, I was teased for all sorts of things. It never changed over the following years when I attended high school etc. I was always made fun of, teased, taunted, bullied, singled people who thought they were funny and cool, and who thought that they had some kind of right to treat me they way they did.

No one ever stood up for me, and I could never understand why I deserved to be treated the way I did. I thought that maybe I looked funny, or talked funny. Maybe I was some kind of "runt" and this would always happen to me, forever. I soon learnt that I needed to look out for myself and defend myself and fight all who had these issues with me, whatever they were supposed to be.

Of course though, if you fight back it only makes them worse. Eventually I left school, took up kick boxing and moved on with my life.

Now once again I've been faced with bullies, and I'm constantly reminded of what I experienced at school, all that time ago. It's hard to realize that I need to be the better person in those kinds of situations, and it's hard not to want to fight back and show them that I'm not a push over and that they can't treat me that way; that it's NEVER okay.

But I know now that no matter what they say to me, and no matter what I say to them, nothing will change at all because they don't think they're doing anything wrong and then again; if they do, they just don't care. So, I have to steel myself, and stay strong enough to show them that they can say whatever they want to, and they can try to do whatever they feel the need to do, but it's not going to affect me anymore, because I'm a nice person, and this is who I was created to be.

If people don't like that, then too bad so sad. This who I am. Take me or leave me, but don't abuse me. ~:heart:
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So this one I can't relate to as muchas the last one I critiqued seeing as my beliefs aren't christian. That aside there is a lot of beautiful meaning inside this poem, and a very solid moral that can apply to anyone. I like the circle aspect of it, how you keep coming back to "because this is who I'm meant to be" . A line which I hold close to my heart as should everyone.

I love your descriptive terms like "a permanent smirk strapped upon your face" it paints the image of a cocky smirking fool very well.

I didn't find so many off beat spots in this poem, it's very fluid and rolls neatly off the tongue. To be honest the only things I would change is to break each stanza into 2 sentences rather than a single whole one. And take the but out of the last line in the second stanza.

Sorry I didn't have as much to say about this one, but it's almost perfect the way it is from where I'm standing. Once again thank you for a beautiful poem and I hope this is somehow helpful to you.
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confidenceAlive Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
While I agree everyone should get respect, and it was and still is wrong that you were/are bullied, at the same time Jesus said that if we were gonna follow him we could expect to be treated badly; this world didn't love him and it sure won't love us. I'm not trying to rain on your parade xD but that's the reality. But the reality is also that we, like Paul, can have joy even in our suffering, that by the power of Jesus we can love even our enemies and still do good to those who've hurt us. We're in a marathon, and all these trials? They can either take you out, or shape you to win.
VonDiezyl Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha that's okay I appreciate you taking the time to read my work and for commenting :3 And yeah you have a point ^u^

Hmmm am I winning or losing I wonder? XD
confidenceAlive Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, winning or losing what?
VonDiezyl Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
At the game of life of course =u=
confidenceAlive Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh that's a good one to win at (:
VonDiezyl Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah :)
VictoriaMay Featured By Owner May 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I really adore this poem.
It is full of emotions I can understand because similar things marked my life as well.
I am glad that you found the confidence to stay as you are and that you found your faith in God above.

I really like how you repeted the verse and the line "Because this is who I'm meant to be."
It gives your poem a beautiful seriousness and a fortitude; it's a fitting frame for the topic you choose.

The rhymes are pretty simple which supports the message. Because really, the situation you described shouldn't be difficult at all and as you stated it you managed to get out of all those nets of hatered.

All in all, I love this poem. :heart: ^^
VonDiezyl Featured By Owner May 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww thank you so much Victoria :heart: This really means a lot to me, because all in all those are feels written on a page for everyone to read and see. And it sounds weird, but when I wrote the poem, I knew I wanted to upload it for everyone to see because I'm not afraid to be who I am anymore, and I'm not ashamed to say it out loud.

I'm glad that you could relate to it as well, because I want others to come to the same conclusion that I did myself ~ And that is, no matter what God will always love you, so it really doesn't matter in the least what other people think of you :hug:

Thank you for writing such a nice comment, you've really made me smile ^_^ :heart:
VictoriaMay Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I am as I am and I love myself. Because God loves me.

The knowlegde that God will always hear me and that everything whats happening is because of his "Plan" made my life brighter.

You're very welcome. I love your poem so much I had to write more then just a short "I like this." ^^
VonDiezyl Featured By Owner May 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm really really glad that you feel that way :)

And thank you so much for supporting me and my work :heart:
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